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New Jersey officials are scrambling to trace attendees of Trump fund-raiser at golf course.

ImagePresident Donald Trump boarded Air Force One to travel to a fundraiser at his golf course in Bedminster on Thursday.
Credit…Erin Schaff/The New York Times

Officials with the health department in Somerset County, where the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, N.J., is located, said Friday that they have asked the club for a list of staff members and attendees at Thursday’s Republican fund-raiser for President Trump.

The afternoon event took place after Hope Hicks, an adviser to Mr. Trump, tested positive for the coronavirus, but before the president did, though he was reportedly lethargic at the event. The president reportedly came in contact with about 100 people at the event.

Gov. Philip D. Murphy said that “as far as we know, folks are cooperating” with the contact-tracing process. “And we need them to,” he added.

Contact tracers will be in touch with individuals who attended the event and may have been exposed to the virus to advise them on testing and isolation, as well as to gather information about people they may have encountered after the event, state officials said.

Mr. Murphy, a Democrat, urged anyone in attendance at the event to immediately begin a 14-day self-quarantine. Guests and employees of the club should be tested for the coronavirus in about five to seven days, he said.

“If you get tested today, you won’t have given the virus time to incubate. You won’t know,” Mr. Murphy said.

Even if the tests are negative, people should complete the full 14-day quarantine and be tested again at the end of two weeks, Mr. Murphy said.

“You really need to stay off the field for a full 14 days,” the governor said.

Mr. Murphy said it was possible that some people in attendance may live outside of New Jersey.

“We’ve also got to acknowledge that there’ll be other communities, potentially other counties and perhaps even folks who came in from other states,” he said.


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