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The convention’s big-tent approach strains to accommodate both John Kasich and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Some of the tensions inherent in the Democrats’ big-tent approach to their convention broke into view Monday in a revealing back-and-forth between two very different politicians who will speak on behalf of Joseph R. Biden Jr.: John R. Kasich, a Republican who served as governor of Ohio and ran for president in 2016, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, a rising Democratic star who is a favorite of the progressive left.

Mr. Kasich said in an interview with BuzzFeed News that he sees the nation as fundamentally moderate and questioned whether Ms. Ocasio-Cortez should be seen as representing the Democratic Party.

“People on the extreme, whether they’re on the left or on the right, they get outsized publicity that tends to define their party,” Mr. Kasich said in the interview. “You know, I listen to people all the time make these statements, and because AOC gets outsized publicity doesn’t mean she represents the Democratic Party. She’s just a part, just some member of it. And it’s on both sides, whether it’s the Republicans or whether it’s the Democrats.”

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez responded on Twitter, writing: “It’s great that Kasich has woken up & realized the importance of supporting a Biden-Harris ticket. I hope he gets through to GOP voters. Yet also, something tells me a Republican who fights against women’s rights doesn’t get to say who is or isn’t representative of the Dem party.”


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